How to Make a Floral Spring Wreath

We love wreaths all year round, and a Spring wreath is a positive sign of growth and abundance. We have a huge selection of artificial foliage and flowers at Hobbycraft, which are perfect to use for projects such as these. Create your own beautiful Spring wreath that will last year upon year!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make
  1. Trim the Eucalyptus branches into four piecestwo longer and two shorter. Place them as shown on the rattan wreath and glue down with the glue gun.32
  2. Trim the Delphinium stems and glue to the wreath – one at each end of the Eucalyptus as shown and one in the centre sticking outwards. 34
  3. Now start to glue on the larger roses. Use three. Start with one next to the middle delphinium and the other two next to it.45
  4. Now glue on some smaller roses.44
  5. Towards the inside, opposite the large roses, glue on large vine leaves. Also put one pointing outwards underneath the middle delphinium.46
  6. Lastly, glue in smaller flower sprays where you can see gaps. Make sure that they are pointing at an angle either towards the inside or the outside of the wreath and alternate them as you space them round….one on the inside, one on the outside.

Top Tip! When placing key flowers and foliage, odd numbers look better, so three large roses, three delphiniums, three large vine leaves.

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