How to Make a Floral Skull Wreath

How to Make a Floral Skull Wreath #floral #skull #wreath #dayofthedead #dotd #halloween #decoration #felt

Decorate your door in colourful style this Halloween, with a pretty floral skull wreath! You can decorate the skull any way you like – whether you use acrylic paint, sharpies or posca pens.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Firstly create a paper template for your flowers, draw and cut out the simple shapes to make the Pom style flowers. I created a long rectangle arrow template for Flower 1 and two simple flower shapes and circle for the Flower 2.

wreath 1

Flower 1 

2. Draw around the template you created onto felt and cut out the shape. 

wreath 2

3. Fold the long rectangular arrow in half and sew along the longest edge.   

wreath 3

wreath 3a

4. Snip along the folded edge, be careful not to cut through the stitching.   

wreath 4

wreath 4a

5. Roll the shape into a tight spiral and secure my stitching through the middle.   

wreath 5

wreath 5a

6. Repeat these steps until you have created many different colours and sizes. 

wreath 6

Flower 2

7. Draw around the template you created onto felt and cut out the shape.

wreath 7

wreath 7a

wreath 7b

8. Arrange your flower shapes into groups of six petals and one circle. Fold a petal in half and half again and securely stitch to the circle. Repeat with three more petals.     

wreath 8

wreath 8a

wreath 8b

9. Finally fold and stitch the last two petals into the middle of the flower. 

wreath 9

Flower 3

10. Using a fabric marker or pencil, draw a spiral flower shape directly onto your felt and cut out carefully.  

wreath 10

wreath 10a

11. Starting from the centre roll up the flower and stick the end down using a small dab of fabric glue.

wreath 11

wreath 11a

wreath 11b   

Creating the Sugar Skull

12. Using white acrylic paint, paint the skull to give it a matt finish. Once dry, carefully cut the back of the head off the skull (This is so it will sit flat against your wreath)

13. Using either acrylic paint or nail varnish, paint on your sugar skull design. Once dry, you can use a glue gun to stick the skull to your polystyrene wreath. 

wreath 12

14. You can now add your felt flowers! Use a glue gun to stick the flowers to the wreath and you’re finished!

wreath 13

wreath 13a

wreath 13b

How to Make a Floral Skull Wreath #floral #skull #wreath #dayofthedead #dotd #halloween #decoration #felt

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