How to Make a Floral Skull Planter

How to Make a Floral Skull Planter #floral #skull #planter #dotd #halloween #decoration #party

Add a touch of Halloween to your home decor with a fun and colourful floral skull planter! Be careful when you hollow out the top of your skull – keep checking that your plant pot fits so you don’t cut it too big.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by deciding how much you need to take off the top of the skull. Draw a line all the way around, starting just above the raised design on the forehead. Make sure it is sat on a flat surface when you do this so you can draw a line at the right angle.

2. Use your craft knife to cut through the line you created. It’s best to start cutting shallow along the line the whole way, then breaking parts off as you and cutting in deeper. Don’t worry, you can neaten up the edges after!

3. Next you will need to hollow out the inside of your skull to the size of your plant pot. One of the easiest ways to start this is to place the pot upside down on top if you can, and draw around the edge with a pencil. Then you can hollow out this circle. This can get a bit messy but persevere!

4. Keep hollowing out and check your pot fits every so often as you don’t want the hole to be too big. When it fits snugly, you can move on to the next part.

5. Take your posca pens and use different colours to draw over the raised designs on the skull. We have used two colours, but you can use more! Leave to dry.

6. Place your plant inside the top of the skull and place wherever you wish!

How to Make a Floral Skull Planter #floral #skull #planter #dotd #halloween #decoration #party

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