How to Sew a Floral Felt Brooch

Who knew felt could be such a versatile crafting material? Follow the step by step instructions below by the fantastic Little Button Diaries to find out how to create your own piece of felt jewelry in the form of a brooch. This would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift! What colours would you use for your felt brooch?

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Use the template flower brooch template provided to cut out two large flowers from yellow felt, a medium sized flower from green and a small purple circle.

2. Layer up one of the yellow flower with the green then the purple felt. Put a button on top and sew the layers together with some embroidery thread.

3. Sew the brooch back on to the remaining yellow flower using yellow embroidery thread.

4. Add decorative stitches onto the brooch in varying colours. Sew alternating long and short straight stitches from the button using yellow thread. Sew crosses in purple thread around the green felt.

5. Pin the back of the brooch onto the front and blanket stitch around the edge in green embroidery thread.

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