How to Make a Floral Cupcake Topper

Adorn your cupcakes with something a little bit different this spring – whether you’re planning a sweet treat surprise for five or 25, a floral cupcake topper is a must! They can be whipped up in next to no time and made in all the colours of the rainbow…

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by cutting all of the pieces using the dies first, we used three different shades of pink to make our floral blooms really stand out.

2. Carefully place each piece into the corresponding section of the embossing folder; use a piece of washi tape to hold the pieces in place, this will help to avoid them moving as the folder is passed through your die cutting machine.

3. Layer the petals one on top of another, starting with the darkest one at the bottom, working up to the lightest on top. Use a glue gun to secure them all in place. Add the leaves to the reveres of the bottom petal set.

4. To secure the toothpick in place, add a blob of glue to the back of the flower and push the toothpick down into the glue, until it is completely submerged. Hold in place for approximately 15 seconds to allow the glue to “set”.

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