How to Make a Fishing Card for Father’s Day

How to Make a Fishing Card for Father's Day #FathersDay #CardMaking #Papercraft

Make sure to put in on the calendar and in your diaries the 21 June is Father’s Day! There’s nothing better than receiving a handmade card, so make sure to crack out the coloured card, pens and glue, and get making this Father’s Day!

Even if you’ve only got 30 minutes spare you can still make a great card. This fishing inspired design is a great project to make with little ones, and takes next to no time at all to put together . . .

How to Make a Fishing Card for Father’s Day

Suitable for :  Beginners

You will need

How to make

1. Start by covering the entire card blank in blue card, I used double sided tape to stick the card down but you could use a glue stick if you prefer.

2. Then using a different shade of blue card, cut a wavy line that runs all the way across, and stick this onto the front of your card, this will be the ‘sea’ part of the card. Make sure to trim of any excess that is overhanging the side or bottom of the card.

Top Tip!

You could rip the card instead of cutting it to make the waves for your card.

3. Next, cut a circle from yellow foam and stick this with tacky glue to the top right hand corner of the card, so that it overhangs. Leave to dry and then trim off the excess overhang.

4. Cut small rectangles of foam in varying thicknesses to make the rays of the sun and stick these in place and leave to dry.

5. Cut a right angle triangle from felt and a boat from foam. Glue in place using the image below as a guide.

6. Using a black pen draw in the mast and fishing rod, as well as writing on your greeting.

7. Use the glitter glue to create waves, and leave until completely dry.

8. Finally, add on the fish toppers.

How to Make a Fishing Card for Father's Day #FathersDay #CardMaking #Papercraft

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