How to Make a Fimo Flower Vase

How to Make a Fimo flower Vase by Christina Leech #vase #spring #diy

Take one vase – and give it five different looks! We set a group of style experts the challenge of each transforming one simple vase. In this third installment, Christine Leech shows you how to make a Fimo flower vase.

Photography by Greg Funnell.

As an art director for fashion magazines and half the creative duo (with Hannah Read-Baldrey) responsible for craft book Everything Alice, Christine has been crafting since she was a child. “For the Spring, I wanted to create a vase inspired by all the new blossom that’ll be on the trees. My sister and I used to make little Fimo animals to sell at craft fairs and I haven’t used it since, so making this vase brought back fond memories.”

How to Make a Fimo flower Vase by Christina Leech #vase #spring #diy

Christina Leech

How to Make a Fimo Flower Vase

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : One hour 30 minutes plus drying time

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Spray paint the glass vase with Plastikote matt white paint, you may need a couple of thin layers to cover fully.
  2. Roll out the FIMO about 3 mm thick and use the daisy cutters to cut shapes in varying sizes.
  3. Press the ends of the petals with the back of a spoon to flatten them out a bit more and make them daintier (you can also curl up the petals slightly for a different effect).
  4. Next, roll a small piece of contrasting coloured Fimo into a disc and press into the centre of the daisy. Using a pencil point, score little marks.
  5. Bake in the oven for about ten minutes (small pieces of Fimo don’t take as long to ‘cook’ as the manufacturer’s instructions say.) When baked, leave the pieces of Fimo to cool. Then, using a Superglue suitable for glass, stick on to the vase in any pattern you like.
  6. Use stick-on jewels to finish off the decoration of the vase and as smaller daisy centres.

How to Make a Fimo flower Vase by Christina Leech #vase #spring #diy

Top Tip!

You can cut all sorts of Spring shapes from FIMO, such as flowers, butterflies, birds and more!…

How to Make a Fimo Flower Vase by Christina Leech #vase #spring #diy #Fimo

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