How to Sew a Felt Llama Keyring

This year we’ve got a lotta love for llamas, so I couldn’t resist trying a little sewing project on this theme! Behold your favourite new accessory, a llama keyring! Felt is so easy to work with when sewing, that it’s ideal for beginners and you don’t even need a sewing machine to be able to make it.

Create this cute little felt keyring to add some colour to your keys or make it as a perfect gift for the Llama Lover in your life!

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1. Download, print and cut out the Llama template.

2. Fold the Aqua felt sheet in half, pin the llama body template to the felt and cut around the shape.

How to Make a Felt Llama Keyring #sewing #diy #llama #keyring #felt #easy

3. Using the small circle template, pin and cut out from the white felt.

4. Add a nose and mouth shape to the white felt circle using the black embroidery thread and needle.

5. Place the white circle on the front of the Llama face, using the black embroidery thread, stitch around.

How to Make a Felt Llama Keyring #sewing #diy #llama #keyring #felt #easy

6. Add two eyes just above the white circle, using a French knot stitch in the black embroidery thread.

7. With the black embroidery thread, add V shapes to the body of the Llama.

How to Make a Felt Llama Keyring #sewing #diy #llama #keyring #felt #easy

8. Once happy with the design, cut a small 4cm piece of ribbon – this will be for the keyring loop.

9. Place the front and back pieces together and begin stitching, starting at the tail.

10. Continue to stitch all the way round, be sure to sandwich the ribbon in between when you get to the top.

11. Once you get close to where you started, use the toy filling to stuff. Carefully push the filling in to get it into the legs and neck.

12. Once filled you can then finish stitching.

13. Add the keyring loop to the ribbon, and he’s ready to go!

How to Make a Felt Llama Keyring #sewing #diy #llama #keyring #felt #easy

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