How to Sew a Felt Glasses Case

Always losing your glasses? Why not create a bright case that can be seen, even on the messiest of desks!

You Will NeedCraft Essentials How to Make

1. Download, print and cut out the glasses case template.

2. Pin both back and front pieces to the felt and cut.

3. Create your design – I added a simple bow but you could add anything!

4. Measure and place where the button should be, attach using the white embroidery thread.

5. Carefully make a slit at the top of the back piece for a button hole. Blanket stitch around with white embroidery thread.

6. Blanket stitch around the top of the back piece and the top edge of the front piece.

7. Using a sewing machine, stitch both pieces together (remember to leave the opening!)

8. Blanket stitch around the edges with the white embroidery.

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