How to Make a Felt Flower Headband

How to Make a Felt Flower Headband #easter #kids #craft #headband #flower

If your little one isn’t into bonnets, why not have a go at making some alternative Easter headgear? This pretty spring flower headband is a fantastic alternative, and is easy to make and comfortable to wear – plus it will last for the whole spring and summer too!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. To create the headband measure the circumference of your head with the wire. Add 5cms to the length and then continue round until there are 3 layers of wire. Cut the wire and twist the ends around the layers to secure. You will need two of these.

2. Wind the floristry tape around each wire headband until completely covered.

3. Holding the two headbands together wrap floristry tape around to secure. Measure 3cm intervals around the headbands and tape together. This forms loops around the headband.

4. To create the swirly flowers draw around a 10 pence piece with the fabric pen and then cut it out. Cut a spiral into the circle leaving a 3mm edge. Continue cutting to the centre of the circle leaving a small circle to finish the flower.

5. Starting at the beginning, roll the felt keeping the cut edge flat. At the centre of the flower hot glue the small circle at the end of the spiral to secure and finish. Create these flowers in assorted colours.

6. To create the five petal flower draw around a 5 pence piece and cut out. Pinched the petal together and secure with a small stitch. Repeat this until you have five petals. With a needle and long piece of cotton tie a good knot in the end. Thread each petal at the stitched end onto the thread. When all the petals are on the thread rethread the first petal and pull to form the circle of petals. Push the needle through the centre of the flower, thread a mini pompom and then push the needle back into the centre of the flower. The needle will be at the back of the flower. Secure with a couple of stitches. Create these flowers in assorted colours.

7. To attached the flowers to the wire headbands cut circles of felt. Place the flower on the wire and with a good dab of hot glue on the back of the flower place a felt circle on the back to secure it. Continue around the headband until it is completely covered.

8. To finish the headband tie some ribbons at the back.

How to Make a Felt Flower Headband #easter #kids #craft #headband #flower

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  • devine

    This is amazing, I think this one is safe from kids just like those products from that my friends can’t stop bragging about. Can’t wait to surprise my daughter on this one. Anyway thanks for the share!

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