How to Sew a Fat Quarter Notebook Cover

Creating a personalised notebook cover can be a satisfying and fun process! Fabric is a great way to add some personality and protection. Follow this tutorial written by sewing expert Miss Libby Rose, who uses one of our new fat quarter designs to create a snug cover for a sketchbook, with the optional addition of a button wrap.

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1. Lay out your fat quarter fabric with right side facing the table and place your open notebook on top.

2. Draw a chalk line at least 4 cm’s (anywhere between 4 – 7cms works)  above the top of the notebook ensuring this is equidistant from the notebook to the bottom.  Cut this line.

3. Check the 2 x sides (that will create a flap) go ahead and fold these in. The more ‘flap’ you have the nicer it looks inside but the bigger the flap the trickier it is to slide your notebook in when its ready. So you want these flaps to be 1/3 – 1/2 in from the edge of the cover.

4. Once you are happy with the size of the flaps, turn the edges of these 2 x sides inwards to create a hem. Fold in the side 1cm then again another 1cm, press and pin. Then sew these hems in place.

5. Place the fat quarter on the table so it is now right side facing you. Place the notebook in the centre of the fat quarter. Fold the pages up on ONE SIDE ONLY so the cover and spine on the other side is laying flat.

6. Fold the fabric into the cover on this one side only to create a flap. Pin and chalk in place at the top and bottom leaving a very small gap for your stitch line on these 2 x flaps.

7. Sew one side up, then repeat on the other side. It is very important for this to work well that you do one side at a time.

8. Cut off the corners and turn it through to the right side and push out the corners using a blunt instrument (like a chopstick!)

9. Press and slide your notebook inside.


How to Make the Notebook Strap

1. Fold your length of fabric in half lengthways, ensure you are happy with the width and length and that it overlaps enough for the button and buttonhole.

2. Slant the edges on the length sides

3. Fold in half again lengthways with right sides together, pin perpendicular to the raw edges to make it super easy to stitch.

4. Make a mark with your chalk half away along the length around 6cm so you can turn it through later.

5. Sew along the raw edges leaving a small seam allowance (edge of the foot against the edge of the fabric)  leaving a gap where your chalk mark is.

6. Clip the corners and turn it all through to the ride side and pock out the corners using a blunt instrument (I use a chopstick!)

7. Press it flat and wrap it around your note book to determine where the buttonhole should go.

8. Create a buttonhole using your machine settings. Use a seam ripper to open the buttonhole.

9. Re-wrap it around your notebook and chalk the spot where the button should go.

10. Sew your button on using hand-sewing needle and place it back on to your book!  

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