How to Sew a Fat Quarter Cat

How to Make a Fat Quarter Cat #fatquarter #cat #sewing #beginner #kids

In this project, we are making a fun fat quarter cat creature made with some gorgeous fat quarters from my Pink Sewing Bus partners, Hobbycraft.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Print out patterns at A4 size and stick them together as instructed on the pattern piece.

2. Lay your fat quarter piece in half and pop the pattern with the straight line on the fold.

3. Cut 2 x pieces of the main body (1x front and 1x back)

4. In contrasting fabric, cut out the heart piece for the face with matching bondaweb or heat n bond

5. Attach the heart face to the front piece using the iron and following the instructions on the heat n bond.

6. Create the whiskers with the ribbons, put a pin in the middle and sew them in place.

7. Hand sew on the buttons for the nose and eyes.

8. Lay the front cat piece on top of the back so the right sides are facing each other & pin.

9. Leaving a 0.5 to 1cm seam allowance (lay the edge of your foot against the edge of the fabric) stitch the whole way around the shapes leaving a gap in the bottom wide enough to fit your fingers through.

10. Once all stitching is in place remove pins and use your scissors to create notches or small cuts up to the stitch lines on the curves and corners. (make sure you don’t cut the stitching!)

11. Turn the whole cat through to the right side using the gap you left earlier.

12. Press flat.

13. Open your bag of toy filling and take small hand-fulls of fluffy stuffing to fill your cat. Push the stuffing all the way up to the top of the ears, then filling up the arms, face, legs and last of all over filling the tummy.

14. If you are having troubles getting your stuffing into all these spaces you could use a chopstick, knitting needle (not the pointy end) or any other blunt long apparatus.

15. Once you are happy with the stuffing quantity it is time to stich up the hole! Using a small zig zag stitch on the machine or hand-sewing (hand sewing is the preferred method), stitch up the hole in the bottom.

How to Make a Fat Quarter Cat #fatquarter #cat #sewing #beginner #kids

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