How to Make a Fairy Shadow Card

Die cutting machines allow you to create something delicate and effective in next to no time at all! With your choice to card stock colour – there’s no limit to the personal spin you can put into each design. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. For this design, we chose a pale blue paper to use for the fairy. Use a die release tool to make the process a lot easier.

2. To add a set of wings, repeat the process to create another fairy, and glue together except for the wing.

3. Put a piece of pink through the process again to add a pink butterfly on top. The Intricut glue pen is a useful tool to ensure each piece of card stock is glued no matter how fiddly.

4. Cut a darker shade of blue paper 5 x 7 to attach to the front of the card. Cut some more shapes out of the pink  paper for the butterfly turning into a heart.

5. Cut two pieces of much darker blue that were going to be the vines, trees surrounding the trapped fairy. Use a craft knife to go round the shapes.

6. Score some extra shapes in the top piece and with left over paper make a little box on the envelope for a name to go, adding the vine style detail. 

7. Glue everything down and add four small pieces of foam to the outer centre of each side to give the card a dimensional, layered effect.

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