How to Make a Fabric Covered Stags Head

Create a festive stag wall hanging by covering the stags head base with fat quarters of your choice. Follow the curves of the face to create a life-life plushie, or stick the fabric on in more of a collage style for a different effect. Make the eyes realistic, cartoon-esque, or subtle to completely change the look and feel of the finished piece!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Firstly you will need to iron your fat quarters. Lay one piece of fabric and begin to cut a variety of triangles and rectangles. Continue cutting until you have a few pieces to get started with (you can cut more as you begin to stick.)

2. Using a glue gun, begin sticking your fabric to the stag head. Starting at the base and working your way up.

3. Overlap the fabrics as you are sticking them now, pressing when the glue is hot into the curves of the stag head.

4. Continue working your way up the stag head, using smaller pieces for the ears and leaving the antlers bare.

5. Once you have finished sticking the fabric pieces to the stag head, cut two eye shapes out of the white felt and two small circles out of the black felt. Using the glue gun, stick the black circle onto the white felt and stick to the stag head.


6. Paint the antlers in a colour of your choice – we’ve used Pebeo Powder Grey Matt Acrylic Paint


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