How to Make a Duck Tape Beach Bag

How to Make a Duck Tape Beach Bag #DuckTape

Summer is finally here, and that means trips to the beach and the park to enjoy endless picnics in the sunshine!

Make sure you’re summer ready with this Duck Tape beach bag complete with gold flamingo, there are lots of different tapes to choose from to make your bag one of a kind, I’m obsessed by flamingos at the moment, but you could do whatever design you like!

Suitable for : Beginners to intermediates

You will need
  • Duck Tape – I used one reel of the pink, yellow, and gold and then two reels of white. However, this will vary depending on the size of your bag.
  • Strong adhesive
  • Glue gun
Craft Essentials
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
How to make

1. Start by deciding on the dimensions you want your bag to be. My bag is 43 centimetres tall and 10 centimetres wide. To make sure I had all of the measurements correct I then drew out the below diagram just to make sure that I made everything the correct size.

How to Make a Duck Tape Beach Bag #DuckTape

The following dimensions are what I used to make my bag. You may need to adjust yours accordingly.

2. Start with one strip of Duck Tape one metre in length with the sticky side facing up and then lay the second piece (also sticky side up) on top, with it overlapping by five millimetres or so. Continue to overlap the remaining strips of tape in this way until the piece measures around 35 centimetres in width.

How to Make a Duck Tape Beach Bag #DuckTape

Top Tip!…I found it best to have a helping hand when doing this. One person to hold the end of the tape and another to cut.

3. Then it’s time to add alternate strips running widthways across the bag. I started with a strip of white, then pink and yellow until the whole piece was covered in this way, continuing to slightly overlap the pieces as you go.

How to Make a Duck Tape Beach Bag #DuckTape

4. Using a ruler measure the width of the Duck Tape ‘fabric’ that you now have, trimming it down to size so that it measures 32 centimetres in width and 96 centimetres in height, making sure that you have nice straight edges on all four sides.

5. Cover the raw edge of the top and bottom using a strip of Duck tape, folding it over to what will be the inside of the bag.

6. To make the sides of the bag I used the pink Duck tape, making strips that were 10 centimetres in width and 43centimetres in length. Use the same method as used in step two to make the side panels, but when it comes to laying the strips on top do this lengthways. This saves on Duck Tape and is quicker. Repeat this process to make another side panel, so that you end up with two identical pieces when trimmed to size.

7. To assemble the bag, start by folding the larger piece of Duck Tape to make the front, bottom and back of your bag. Use a ruler to measure 43 centimetres from the top edge and make a mark on the back using a Biro, and then fold. Measure a further 10 centimetres from this line, again marking with a Biro on the back and fold.

8. Lay the bag out flat, and attach the side panels using the pink Duck Tape. Secure the bottom of the side panels first and then the sides, on both pieces. Again I found an extra pair of hands helpful here as it can be a bit fiddly!

9. Now onto making the straps, for these I made laid them 64 centimetres in length and then 6 centimetres in width, and then used the white Duck Tape to cover the raw edges. Once you’ve made two, secure them to the inside of your bag using a strong adhesive, and then once dry secure further with a bit of Duck Tape over the top.

10. Then it’s time for the fun bit, adding you flamingo (or other design if you prefer) to the front of your bag. I drew out my design onto card and then cut this out using scissors. I then covered the design using the gold Duck Tape, trimming off the excess with scissors, and then stuck the design to the front of the bag using a glue gun.

The finished bag!

How to Make a Duck Tape Beach Bag #DuckTape

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