How to Sew a Draught Excluder

Sewing expert Miss Libby Rose has heard your big sewing questions, and is here to answer them! In this tutorial, learn how to create a fantastically fun draught excluder, sure to keep the chill out of any room.

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Gather up your materials

2. Take the 2 x fat quarter pieces and lay them with the right sides together. 

3. Pin along shorter line and sew, creating one extra long fat quarter piece.

4. Iron the seam flat

5. Fold in half lengthways, and again. Cut a curved edge on both shorter sides. Fold out so it is just in half once lengthways again.

6. Cut 2 x lengths of ribbon.

7. Fold in half and slide into the middle of each curve with the loop inside on the right side of the fabric, and the ends sticking out of the wrong side. Pin all in place.

8. Sew the whole way around leaving a 6cm gap near the join in the middle of the long length.

9. Cut notches around the curves.

10. Turn through and iron nice and flat.

11. Open your bag of wadding and tear it up so that you can have some fun stuffing it into the tube / draught excluder… so go ahead! Making sure you get it to the ends first and then disperse.

12. Once you are happy with the stuffing amount take your hand-sewing needle and thread and sew up the hole.

13. It’s time to embellish! Get creative, maybe you could use your buttons for eyes and the ribbon would work as a tongue!

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