How to Make a Dimensional Scrapbook Layout

Create a beautiful dimensional scrapbook layout simply by punching, scoring and folding! There’s so much that can be achieved when using a craft punch, gift tags, card toppers, confetti, the list goes on. Craft punches are available in all sorts of shapes and size; a true craft essential for any beginner just starting out.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by choosing your cardstock colours, I chose five different colours for the circles plus white and grey for the base of my page.

2. Cut the grey cardstock to 11.75 x 11.75 inches and adhere it centrally to the scrapbook page using double-sided tape.

3. Using a 2” punch cut out 32 circles from coloured cardstock. I cut 10 mini hearts from the waste cardstock from each colour (put these to one side for later). The easiest way I found to make the score marks was to cut myself a template of a square 1 3/8” across. I used an Intricut Die Release Tool to make my score marks around the template which I put in the centre of each circle.  If you don’t have this tool a paper creaser will also work well. When you have scored around each side of the square you can then fold up each circular edge of your circle – if you turn it over this will then give a square shape. These are your “cathedral windows”.

4. Next, find the centre of the scrapbook base page. To do this, measure six inches from side to side and six inches in from top to bottom and mark a cross lightly with a pencil. 

5. Take the first of your “cathedral windows” and align it so that opposing corners are running horizontally along the pencil line with the left-hand corner touching the intersection created in the previous step. Secure in place with a sparing amount of tacky glue.

6. Position the remaining “cathedral windows” around this first one with the edges of each square touching.

Top Tip: I made three lines of square/circles. You will find some of your square/circles go off the end of your layout page, I simply trimmed them to fit when the glue was dry. 

7. While the glue is drying, take your photo and mat it onto white cardstock leaving a small border – my preference was for 1/8” on three sides and half an inch on the bottom to look like an old Polaroid photo.  Attach your photo to the base of the page using three stacked foam pads adhered on the back of the image at each corner. 

Top Tip: to get a distressed look around the edges of your photo use a nail file to carefully sand away the edges of your photo. 

8. It’s then time to add the title to your layout. To achieve perfect spacing, I used the Thickers Straight Alignment tool to place the adhesive letters on my layout. Lightly place the stickers in place, once 100% happy with the position of them carefully push down on each to secure in place.

9. To complete the layout, take the little hearts you cut out of your coloured cardstock and just throw a few onto your page and stick down where they fall. I also used a few inside three of the “cathedral windows”, using clear packaging remnants secured to the inside of the windows to create a mini shaker pocket.

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