How to Make a Die-cut Toucan Wall Hanging

This gorgeous toucan wall hanging would make a great gift for a loved one or a friend or even for your own home. If toucan do it… you can do it! All you need is your die cutting machine, cardstock and an embroidery hoop!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Fix a piece of clear thread inside a sewing hoop securing in place using two small pieces of double-sided tape.

2. Start by die cutting the toucan into green cardstock, gently bend up the spiky leaves then attach the whole die cut to the hoop.

3. Die cut a selection of leaves in various shades of green cardstock. Gently shape the leaves with the paper sculpting tool kit, then fix in place in and around the main die cut using the image below as a guide.

4. Die cut the toucan again into black cardstock, fussy-cut the toucan and glue this in place on top of the first layer.

5. To form the facial features, die cut just the beak area into cardstock in colours – light pink, light coral, black, white and yellow.

6. Trim the beak parts then attach in place on the toucans face followed by the white part and lastly the yellow eye piece.

7. Finish off the decorations by finally die cutting the flowers into three shades of purple.

8. Print out the sentiment onto white cardstock, then fussy cut this out using a craft knife or scissors. Secure the greeting into place centrally on the invisible thread.


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