How to Make a Die Cut Cloche Bauble

How to Make a Die Cut Cloche Bauble #diecutting #die #cut #cloche #fillable #bauble #stag #diy #papercraft #christmas #decoration

Cloches are so on trend right now – so when I saw this beautiful hanging mini cloche bauble, I knew what had to be done! This simple design incorporates a stylish Christmas classic, the stag, to create a unique die cut cloche bauble that is so easy to create, that you can make plenty in an afternoon.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Create eight die cuts using the deer mini die – four from brown cardstock (two pairs cut from the same colour of brown cardstock or two different) and four from brown foam.

2. Take one of the deer die cut pairs and position one on a flat surface, apply a thin layer of tacky glue to the reverse and apply one of the foam pieces on top, repeat with a second piece of foam, and finally the remaining piece of cardstock from the pair. Pop to one side to dry, while you construct the other deer in the same manner.

3. Cut a 6cm diameter circle of brown cardstock and position the deer, securing them in place with a hot melt glue gun. If you’d like to raise one of the deer up so it sits higher than the other, simply cut small sections of felt and stack one on top of the other, secure with glue and leave to dry before attaching the deer.

5. Complete the scene by adding a sprinkling of faux snow.

How to Make a Die Cut Cloche Bauble #diecutting #die #cut #cloche #fillable #bauble #stag #diy #papercraft #christmas #decoration

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