How to Make a Decoupage Vase

How to Make a Decoupage Vase by Clare Gogerty #diy #upcycling #vase

Take one vase – and give it five different looks! We set a group of style experts the challenge of each transforming one simple vase. In this fifth (and final) installment, Clare Gogerty Former Editor of Coast, shows you how to make a decoupage vase with seaside postcards.

Photography by Greg Funnell.

Coast is  a magazine about the British seaside, and Clare said that working on the magazine was like constantly being on holiday. She’s almost evangelical about the UK coastline and its glories, from remote beaches to crab sandwiches and the kiss-me-quick attractions of the seafront. “I loved the idea of using seaside postcards to transform an otherwise plain object,” says Clare. “If you choose postcards of your favourite places, you can create a souvenir of a special holiday and bring a little piece of the coast into your home every day. You could even cover it with saucy seaside postcards if you want to add an extra touch of cheekiness!”

How to Make a Decoupage Vase by Clare Gogerty #diy #upcycling #vase

Clare Gogerty

How to Make a Decoupage Vase

Skill level : Beginner

Allow : One hour plus drying time

You Will Need

  • Glass vase – I used a 30 cm tall by 10 cm in diameter vase
  • Plastikote pale blue spray paint (available in store)
  • Selection of seaside postcards, colour copied in different sizes
  • Decopatch glue
How to Make a Decoupage Vase by Clare Gogerty #diy #upcycling #vase

Selection of seaside postcards

How to Make

  1. Make sure the vase is clean and dry before spraying it with the blue paint. You may need a couple of thin layers to cover the glass thoroughly. Leave to dry.
  2. Brush Decopatch glue on the centre section of the vase and start building up your colour copies. Mix up the sizes for a more eclectic look. Keep adding glue as you go to stick down the copies and protect the finished product. Leave to dry completely.

Top Tip!

Why not use postcards of your favourite places to create a holiday souvenir?

How to Make a Decoupage Vase by Clare Gogerty #diy #upcycling #vase

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