How to Make a Decoupage Stags Head

Create a stir with a decoupage stags head for the perfect festive decoration this Christmas. Hang it on your front door to give a warm welcome to all of your guests, or on a wall inside to add some old-fashioned yuletide charm to your home and say “Merry Christmas, deer!”

You Will Need How to Make
  1. The reindeer head comes in three pieces, the main head and two antlers. For the moment set the antlers to one side.
  2. To cover the main head, cut the paper into squares approx 4 x 4 cm and decorate the snout, nose, neck and inner ears with the first of your paper designs.
  3. Using the second of your paper designs, cover the sides of the head and ears. Try to keep the pattern intact and use larger sections of paper and line up patterns.
  4. Cover the mounting base with the third of your paper designs, followed by the antlers with your fourth paper design.
  5. Finally, add the antlers to the reindeer’s head and mount on the wall.

How to Make a Decoupage Stags Head #Decoupage #Christmas

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