How to Make a Decorated Frame Mother’s Day Card

Need a cool and creative Mother’s Day card you can make yourself? Try this decorated wood frame card for something Mum is sure to really love and appreciate. Easy enough to make in an hour, but something your mother may very well keep for years.

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make
  1. Grab four wooden sticks and apply a different colour of paint to each one and let it dry.
  2. After the paints are dry, start decorating the sticks. For the polka dot style, dip the back tip of a brush into some white and yellow paint and start making a pattern spreading the dots all over the stick.
  3. For the pink cross stick, dip the tip of one wooden stick in pink paint. Now print the crosses touching the wet tip twice forming a cross. Repeat until all the length of stick is full.
  4. For the heart pattern, dip the end of a brush and print two dots touching. Now you just stroke the paint down to make the heart point.
  5. For the pink and purple striped, use a flat brush or dip the wooden stick in some pink paint. Print lines to cover all the length.
  6. Using the card front as size reference, glue the four sticks together with glue. Back the frame with your favorite photo with mum. Trim any photo excess if required.
  7. Add two layers of 3D foam pads to the stick that has more depression and one layer to the sticks that are closer to the paper. Fix the frame to the card front.

Top tip! You can alternatively add two stripes of magnetic tape to the back of card, so your mum can proudly display your make!

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