How to Make a Day of The Dead Pumpkin

How to Make a Day of The Dead Pumpkin #dayofthedead #dead #day #pumpkin #ceramic #decorating #posca #halloween #decoration

Looking for some new decorations to give your Halloween party that extra spooky touch? Well look no further! This Day of the Dead Pumpkin will make a trendy halloween tea light holder that can be used indoors and outdoors! You don’t need many materials to get started, and all you need is a bit of imagination too!

How to Make a Day of the Dead Pumpkin

Skill Level: Beginners Time to Make: 30 Minutes

You Will Need

Craft Essentials

  • Pencil
  • Rubber

How to Make

1. A great place to start drawing on the ceramic pumpkin is around the facial features (the eyes, nose and mouth). The ‘Day of the Dead’ style is very detailed and intricate patterns that cover the entire face/ head. Lots of different patterns can be used such as, circles, dots, flowers, hearts, lines, swirls. There is so much you can do, so the more, the better!

IMG_2309 edit 2. Build on what you have drawn around the eyes, nose and mouth. Draw patterns on the cheeks of the pumpkin. IMG_2314 edit 3. Why not draw things that are associated with Halloween such as spider cobwebs as well as drawing traditional Day of the Dead patterns such as flowers, leaves, vines. You can really make this as complex as you want it to be!
IMG_2324 edit There you have it! One spook-tacular Day of the Dead Pumpkin! IMG_2424EDIT IMG_2489EDIT black and white

How to Make a Day of The Dead Pumpkin #halloween #pumpkin #ceramic #dayofthedead #simple #posca #easy

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