How to Make a Cupcake Tree

Cupcake Tree #cupcaketree

As it’s National Cupcake Week from 15 September, I thought I’d try my hand at making a cupcake tree. I’ve always wanted to make one but never been quite been brave enough, I’m not the most technical person when it comes to icing a cupcake! However, I’m always up for a new challenge, and after some very valuable advice on how to achieve a perfectly iced cupcake (start icing the cupcake from the centre out), I decided to give it a go…

How to Make a Cupcake Tree

Allow : Three hours or more

Skill level : Intermediate

What You’ll Need

How to Make

  1. Bake 24 cupcakes in cupcake cases.
  2. Get your dry foam sphere, if necessary cut to size so that it fits in your terracotta pot.
  3. Once the cupcakes have cooled place two cocktail sticks in the base of the cupcake and position on the sphere. Once happy with the positioning remove the cupcakes but leave the cocktail sticks in the foam sphere.
  4. Make your frosting or buttercream icing and add food colouring until you have reached your desired shade. Tip; when I made my frosting I made two batches of slightly different shades of pink.
  5. Using an open star decorating tip inserted into a piping bag decorate your cupcakes, working from the centre of the cupcake outwards.
  6. Decorate your terracotta pot; I made a layered fabric flower motif and then some twine and embroidery floss wrapped around the pot to decorate mine.
  7. Position the cupcakes back onto the cocktail sticks, don’t worry too much about matching the cupcakes up with the cocktail stick they came off, simply pierce new holes in the bottom of the case.
  8. Once all of the cupcakes are in position, cut strips of crepe paper, scrunch up, and then carefully weave the crepe paper through the gaps in between the cupcakes.

Cupcake Tree #cupcaketree

Hints and Tips

For your first attempt at making this cupcake tree, it would be a good idea to have a helper, particularly when it comes to putting the decorated cupcakes onto the foam sphere to act as a balancing aid.

More Cupcake Inspiration…

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