How to Sew a Crinkle Tag Toy

Learn how to make a handmade baby crinkle tag toy by following this tutorial by our haberdashery expert, Kathi. Crinkle toys are the perfect gift for a baby shower, and our new Blue Peter Rabbit Fat Quarters are the ideal fabric for them to be made out of! Add a selection of ribbons to create a sensory tag toy.

You Will Need

Blue Peter Rabbit Fat Quarters »

Assorted Ribbons »

Washed and Dried Cereal Bag (for crinkle – this is food grade plastic!)

Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Wash and Iron your fabrics. Using a rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat, cut two 8″ x 8″ squares.

2. Fold the cereal bag in half and cut one 8″ x 8″ squares.

3. Take one of the fabric squares and one cereal bag piece and pin together, tack stitch these together to secure. This can be done using a large stitch on a machine or by hand, I chose to do this by machine and used a 5mm seam allowance. Trim down any excess cereal bag around the edge.

4. Take your selection of ribbons, I’ve used a selection of different thicknesses and textures. Fold a piece a ribbon over and cut. Pin this to the edge of the fabric.

5. Repeat until you have filled the edges with ribbon.

7. Take a second fabric square and place on top, right sides together.

8. Sew around the edges, catching all of the ribbons and leaving a gap to that you can turn through.

9. Trim the corners and turn through.

10. Press well and topstitch around the square, catching any ribbons that were not stitched due to the gap.

11. Repeat all of the above steps to create a second tag toy if you would like to. (It’s always good to have a spare!)

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