How to Make a Cosy Punch Needle Cushion

This punch needle cushion cover design from sewing expert Debbie von Grabler-Crozier will brighten up any room. The fast way to embroider, create short-looped textured effects to decorate statement home decor with a punch needle!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

NB: seam allowances are all ½ cm (1/4”) unless otherwise stated. Please read all instructions through and assemble the equipment before beginning.

1. Begin by pressing the linen FQ and drawing a square 38cm sq. onto the front. This is your cushion working area.

Top tip! I always like to make the actual cover slightly smaller than the insert – this means a nice plump cushion.

2. Use the template to transfer the leaf using the water erasable marker.

3. Load the embroidery tool with the mustard yellow yarn and starting anywhere on the leaf, fill in the shape.

Top tip! You are actually working from the back with this technique and the real effect can be seen by turning the embroidery over.

4. When you have finished the leaf, fill in the centre vein with the orange wool.

5. Then work on the background with the natural tweed filling right to the line.

Top tip! Did you know that by varying the needle length in the punch needle, you can vary the length of the pile on the front of the finished article to create great texture.

6. Release the embroidery from the frame and place the completed front right sides together with the other FQ. Sew right around the edge leaving a turning gap. Trim the edges of the fabrics and clip across the corners to reduce bulk.

7. Turn out through the gap and insert the cushion. Close the gap.

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