How to Make a Copper Egg Centerpiece

How to Make a Copper Egg Centerpiece #copper #egg #centerpiece #spring #easter #table #decoration

Make a stunning piece for your Easter table using the trendy metallic of the moment; copper. This copper egg centerpiece project goes beautifully with a pared-back style table, full of whites and greens, and occasional pops of spring colour.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. You can either use the zigzag egg mache as it is, or you can cut it down to a lower height. I chose to cut it so you could see more of the inside. To do this, use a pencil to draw the outline of your new zigzag edge. Then use a craft knife to very carefully cut out – make sure to use a cutting mat, and protect your hands if you can.

2. The mache will now separate into a mache outer and black plastic inner. Use the glue gun to affix the black inner inside the mache outer again – this helps hold the shape and add a layer of protection. 

3. Use white acrylic or chalky paint to paint the outside of the egg, and leave to dry. Then repeat for the inside of the egg, using your copper paint. Do a couple of layers if necessary.

4. When dry, fill with whatever you want – we recommend moss, succulents or small blooms!

How to Make a Copper Egg Centerpiece #copper #egg #centerpiece #spring #easter #table #decoration

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