How to Make a Comic Mache Hand

Make your Halloween extra spooky with a comic style mache hand! Whether you use blue, green or another unusual skin colour, you can copy the same decoration style for an unusual but creepy decoration.

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1. Start by painting the whole hand shape blue. This may take a couple of coats depending on the paint you are using.

hand 1

2. Paint yellow ovals or rounded rectangular shapes onto the ends of each finger to represent a decaying fingernail!

hand 2

3. Once your paint has dried, add any details to your design using pencil. Draw a line around the wrist of the hand and overlap it with rectangular shapes to show the stitches holding the hand together. Add more stitches to other parts of the shape where the skin may have broken.

hand 3

4. Paint the stitches using white acrylic paint.

hand 4

5. Now you will start adding the drawn outline detail to your shape! Start by drawing an outline around the edge of the shape using a Sharpie. Flip the hand to make sure the line remains central and looks good from both sides.

hand 5

6. Next, start to add contour details. Find the lines where the shape dips and trace them using the Sharpie marker pen. You can also use the pen to show texture, like the ridges in the fingernails.

hand 6

7. On the outside of the hand, use the pen to highlight the contours  where the bones and veins are visible. Add smaller lines and marks to show damage to the skin, but keep it simple! Finally, trace the outline of the pencil marks and white paint you added earlier.

hand 7

How to Make a Comic Mache Hand #comic #book #mache #hand #halloween #decoration #diy #crafts

How to Make a Comic Mache Hand #comic #book #mache #hand #halloween #decoration #diy #crafts

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