How to Make a Colourful Mache Egg Holder

How to Make a Colourful Mache Egg Holder #colourful #bright #mache #egg #holder #table #decoration #kids #craft #easter

Add a bit of colour to your Easter table with a fun and colourful mache egg holder project – the kids will love it! Finish it off however you want – add some little plants, decorative eggs, or (dare we say it) some naughty Easter treats for afters!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start off by painting the base of your mache – I chose a spring green colour, to accentuate the other colours. Carefully paint around the base, making sure not to get any on the eggs as the colour may show through. Leave to dry.

2. Next, decide which colours you want to use in what order. Take your first colour and paint the first egg, then the next one of the same colour in your pattern of colours. Leave to dry.

Top Tip!

If you’re going to be filling with edible items, don’t paint the insides of the eggs as you don’t want to get paint on your food!

3. Continue step 3 for each egg until you have painted all the colours.

Top Tip!

If you want to seal your project, cover in a layer of PVA and leave to dry.

How to Make a Colourful Mache Egg Holder #colourful #bright #mache #egg #holder #table #decoration #kids #craft #easter

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