How to Make a Colourful Advent Train

Choo choo… here comes the chocolate! Entertain the kids with this fun advent train at Christmas, perfect for filling with yummy sweets or alternative treats such as little rubbers and toys!

Skill Level: Beginners

Time to make: 4 hours, plus drying time

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Carefully detach each of the carriages from each other – this will make them easier to paint.

2. Remove all of the drawers from the carriage sections and paint the main body of each with red acrylic paint – thin the paint slightly, using 3 parts of paint with 1 part of water. Leave the first coat to dry, then apply a further two coats to get a solid red colour.

3. Whilst the carriages are drying start work on the front of the train using the image as a guide. Dependent on the colours you are using, some lighter areas may need more than one coat of paint. Once dry add Santa’s facial features with a black fine liner, and customise with your name of choice in gold alphabet Thicker stickers.

Top Tip!…Use fine paintbrushes to paint intricate sections. Paint light coloured sections first and then darker ones.

4. Paint the underside of each carriage with black acrylic paint and the wheels with grey.

5. Split the 24 drawers into five groups (four sets with five drawers and one set with four drawers). Paint each set in a different colour of craft acrylic. Leave to dry before applying a second coat. Once completely dry, use fine paintbrushes to decorate 18 out of the 24 drawers, taking into account where the number on each will be positioned.

6. On six of the drawers, use tacky glue to centrally adhere bright wooden numbers. For the remaining drawers, paint smaller wooden numbers in the same five colours used for the drawers and once dry, adhere to the advent.

Top Tip!…Use tweezers to hold the number whilst painting, this will avoid any accidental smudge marks.

7. Re-connect the carriages, and pop the drawers back in to the rear three sections.

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