How to Make a Colourful Advent House

How to Make a Colourful Advent House #colourful #advent #house #calendar #bright #kids #easy #simple #diy #craft #christmas

Add a splash of colour to your Christmas decorations with this colourful advent house that is perfect for kids! Let them get messy with some paper and paints to create this fun and bright advent calendar that can be filled with tiny wrapped treats.

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You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Paint the entirety of the house with slightly off-white craft paint, you’ll need to do two to three coats to get a nice even coverage; leave each coat to dry before applying the next.

2. Once dry select four different colours of craft acrylic paint and plot which colours you’re going to use in which sections of the house – also think about which ones you’d like to add patterned paper to.

3. Apply two coats of each paint to their designated compartments and leave to dry.

4. For each of the sections that are to be filled with patterned cardstock; use a ruler to measure the height and width and transfer the measurements to the back of the paper. Cut out each section with a metal ruler and craft knife or sharp scissors, and slot into the compartment to check the fit, before applying double-sided tape to the reverse and securing in place.

How to Make a Colourful Advent House #colourful #advent #house #calendar #bright #kids #easy #simple #diy #craft #christmas

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