How to Make a Coat of Arms

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject

Did you know a coat of arms is so called as they used to be worn to protect and identify medieval knights? Therefore the term coat of arms was born.

Make your very own family coat of arms with this handy download shield template . . .

Skill level : Intermediate
Time to make : One hour


You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Scissors
  • Colouring pens
  • Old cardboard box
  • Pencil
How to Make

1. Cut our your template and place it onto your cardboard. When you draw round it, draw it a few centimetres bigger by following the outline of the template.

Top Tip . . .An old cardboard box is ideal for this – you don’t want the cardboard to be too thin.

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject
2.Paint your coat of arms whatever colour you like. Give it a couple of coats to make it more even.

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject

3. Stick decorative tape down the centre and across the middle of your coat of arms to divide it into four sections. I cut out a yellow paper heart to stick in the middle.

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject
4. Now it’s time to decorate! Fill your coat of arms with things that that are all about you and your family like your hobbies, favourite colour or your pets. I’ll show you what I did for mine.

Top Tip . . .Lay out your ideas in your sections before you glue them down so you can see how it will look first.

5. For the top right section I stuck mosaic pieces down to make the first letter of my name. I really love birds so I stuck feathers in the top left section. My family and I go for lots of walks and like looking at wildflowers so I stuck 3D flowers into the bottom left section.

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject

6. In my last section I cut out some coloured paper in the shape of my pet fish Ramone and stuck him down. I used pens to draw on the scales and eyes. I painted his fins, and used glitter glue for the seaweed at the bottom.

Top Tip . . .Do your glitter glue last so you don’t smudge it while decorating!

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject

How to Make a Coat of Arms #History #Medieval #SchoolProject

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