How to Make a Clay Nursery Mobile

This sweet swallow mobile is the perfect wall hanging for a newborn nursery. The pieces are made from air dry clay which is easy to use and takes to paint really well. Why not personalise your mobile with a name, or change the theme around to suit? You could do a weather, forest or transport theme for example.

You Will NeedCraft Essentials

Rolling pin »

Paintbrush »

Sandpaper »

Glue Gun »

Cling film

Cocktail stick

Sharp knife

How to Make

  1. Roll out the clay on a piece of cling film to a thickness of roughly 3mm. Print out the templates and copy them onto scraps of card so you have a nice firm base to draw around. Place them onto the clay and use a cocktail stick to draw around them. Draw out one cloud, two swallows (facing in opposite directions), two butterflies and six raindrops.


  1. Take a sharp knife and gently cut them out. Be careful not to drag the clay as you cut it out as it will distort the shapes. Remove the excess clay.


  1. Dip your finger into water and smooth the edges of the clay. Leave the shapes to dry overnight.


  1. Take some sandpaper and gently sand the top and edges of all the pieces to make them smooth.



  1. Paint the birds, butterflies and cloud white, and paint the raindrops pale blue.


  1. On the white pieces, mark out in pencil the patterns you would like. Paint the details onto the birds and butterflies. Create a graded shade of pale blue by mixing it with white. For the clouds, paint blue eyes and add a little pink mouth and cheeks.


  1. Add a layer of gloss Mod Podge to your pieces and leave to dry.


  1. Lay the clay shapes face down and arrange them how you would like them to hang. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, lay pieces of twine on top and glue them in place. Trim the loose ends of the twine, leaving strands going up to allow you to hang the pieces.


  1. Tie the clay pieces onto the length of dowel, spreading them out evenly. You can add a dab of glue to each knot to secure it in place.


  1. Tie another piece of twine onto either end of the dowel so you can hang your mobile up.



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