How to Make a Clay Medal for Dad

Give your Dad the medal he deserves by creating one out of air dying clay! Personalise using stamps, and paint a metallic colour of your choice. Tie a coloured ribbon through the hole you’ve created for the perfect Father’s Day gift. Read the tutorial below to see how it’s done!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Roll out air drying clay onto a non-stick surface until 2cm thick.

2. Use the cookie cutter to cut a small circle out of the clay.

3. Use the pencil or skewer to create a hole 1cm into the clay – ensure this is large enough for the ribbon to fit through when dry.

4. Use the pencil or letter stamps to spell out a message for the person you’re creating the medal for.
5. Leave to dry overnight.

6. Paint the dried clay white using acrylic paints.

7. Once dry, paint the clay with a metallic coloured acrylic paint of your choice, or spray using spray paints available in store at Hobbycraft.
8. Once dry, thread the ribbon through the hole, and tie at the end.

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