How to Make a Clay Handprint Frame

This clay handprint frame makes such a gorgeous and sentimental gift for any Mother this Mother’s Day. Use alphabet stamps to further personalise the outside of the frame, and pop a photograph of your family in the frame! Read the below tutorial to see how to make your own using a few simple products. 

You Will NeedCraft Essentials

1. Start by rolling out the air drying clay until it’s 1cm thick.

2. Use a hand of an adult for a bigger frame or a child’s for a smaller one and draw around it in the clay and cut out with a knife or clay modelling tool.

3. Using a heart cookie cutter cut from the centre of the hand shape.

4. To create a message simply use alphabet stamps to imprint the clay whilst its still wet.

5. Leave to air dry flat until it has changed colour to a lighter shade of grey/white.Once completely dry paint with your chosen colour of craft paint.

Top tip! Dependent on the colour of paint you’re using you may need to do more than one coat. Wait until the first coat is dry before doing another.

6. Opitional –  After the final coat of paint has dried apply a coat of gloss varnish.

7. Finally choose a picture and glue to the back of your frame.

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