How to Make a Clay Flower Vase

How to Make a Clay Flower Vase #craft #clay #gift

In need of a beautiful gift to make or stylish project for your home? Have a go at this super simple air dry clay project – and make a pretty flower vase for a loved one, or yourself. To make it more colourful, you could even paint the flowers once they are dry!

How to Make a Clay Flower Vase

Skill Level: Intermediate

Allow: Three hours, plus drying time

You Will Need

How to Make

  1. Follow the instructions on the pack of clay, then cut out petal shapes of varying sizes – I used small and medium cutters to create 16 flowers.
  2. For added interest, score simple lines on each petal with a skewer and use a drinking straw to create a central circle, taking care not to press down too far. You will probably need to use several straws, as the clay gets stuck into the ends.
  3. Gently ease up the petals using a flat bladed knife or modelling tool so they stand proud. Place the flowers onto a baking tray and dry as directed.
  4. Once the clay flowers are cool, carefully stick onto the glass vase using superglue or similar.

How to Make a Clay Flower Vase #craft #clay #gift

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