How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene

Have a Cricut Christmas! Create a festive, snowy winter wonderland with just some vinyl, pompoms and some crafty scraps. Cut out an amazing design to hang up in your home – digital crafts has never been more fun!


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1. Start with the tricky bit – the lettering! Whether you’re hand-drawing or digitally-drawing, it’s usually advised to go for something bold so that your Cricut can cut it clearly. Try out different ideas (and draw out a few familiar ones) before getting to the final piece. Handwritten fonts are all the rage this year!

How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene #BoxScene #ChristmasCraft

Top Tip! If you don’t want to go down this route or want to save time, DesignSpace has a list of ready-made fonts for you to use. Simply select ‘Insert Text’ (located on the left), write out your sentiments and then pick out your colours and fonts on the right!

2. Scan in or upload your image. Make sure that the paper is clean, otherwise importing the design will leave a lot of unnecessary marks!

3. Set up your vinyl – cut it down to size by using the squares on the back or by using the measure on the cutting mat. When you’re ready, pop it onto the cutting mat. I noticed that when I tried to do this with the paper cover on the back, the vinyl warped. Removing it and laying the sticky vinyl down removes this hassle.

4. Turn the dial to ‘Vinyl’, load the cutting mat and hit ‘go’!

How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene #BoxScene #ChristmasCraft

5. Whilst the Cricut is working its magic, gather your pieces together. Diagonally cut out a white diagonal with a slight slant to create a snow-covered hill!

6. Open up the frame. Cut out  a variety of trees – create a maximum of three (I was working on a 12 x 12 Scrapbook Frame and could only manage two), lest you can’t see the decorations! To create a 3D effect, create a second set of three and cut a line up to the centre of the tree. One set of three should be from top to bottom, whilst the other is bottom to top.

How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene #BoxScene #ChristmasCraft

7. The bottom-to-top cutouts should then be scored in the centre so that they can be folded back. They’re going onto a flat surface, so one of these sides will be flattened, too.

How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene #BoxScene #ChristmasCraft

8. Fold your chenille stems and pop them on the back of your trees. Then pop these onto your design.

9. Embellish the rest of your scrapbook page.

How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene #BoxScene #ChristmasCraft

10. Snowball the bottom-half of the frame with white pompoms!

11. Rest the page on top of these and close the frame. Jiggle it a little to ensure that no stray pompoms are stuck on the top!

12. Now that your vinyl has been cut, carefully peel it away from the cutting mat, leaving your font behind! Take up the lettering little by little and lay them across the front glass. If you’re worried about keeping it aligned, use a line of non-staining tape (such as washi tape) as a measuring stick.

How to Make a Christmas Shadow Box Scene #BoxScene #ChristmasCraft

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  • ~ Sue ~

    I’m a Cricut newbie, but I’m loving working with vinyl. It never occurred to me to stick it to the mat – that would really help, especially as my mat is already losing its tackiness! Thanks for the tip! To place the letters, I’ve found transfer paper is indispensable and loads easier than trying to align individual letters.

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