How to Make a Calligraphy Chalkboard Heart

Chalkboard calligraphy is a huge lettering trend, and one that lends itself well to rustic decorations. Take inspiration from the below tutorial and find out what you’ll need to plan and create your own hanging chalkboard decoration. These make a perfect gift – such as for Mother’s Day!

You Will NeedCraft EssentialsHow to Make

1. Using a pencil, write your message on the slate heart. Keep the message central with enough space around the edges for decoration. Once you are happy with your message, go over the design in the chalkboard pen.

2. Once you have finished writing your message in pen and you are confident it has dried and won’t smudge, start to pencil in your floral or decorative border. Keep it simple so it doesn’t get too messy and distracting. Once you are happy with your border design, go over it in the chalk pen.

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