How to Make a Button Bouquet

How to Make a Button Bouquet Buttonhole #wedding #diy #buttonhole #crafty #alternative

Make your wedding a little individual with a quirky little button bouquet buttonhole! These will also make fantastic keepsakes after the wedding, as they won’t wilt or die.

Designed and written by Krissi McGilton.

How to Make a Button Bouquet

You Will Need

Craft Essentials


How to Make

1. Choose approximately 8 buttons of different sizes you would like to use. Make 3 stacks in size order with 2 buttons in each, we will use the 2 buttons left over on there own.

2. Take a piece of wire and loosely fold in the middle. Thread the buttons of one stack onto both ends of the loop of wire, starting with the smallest first. Once all the buttons in your first pile are threaded onto the wire, use the pliers to twist the two wire ends tightly at the back of the largest button, holding the stack in place. Twist the two ends of wire together to the end to create a ‘stem’.

3. Repeat until you have made all 5 stems. Once made, gently bend the button flowers so they are all at right angles to the stems.

4. Use the 2 stems with only the one button on and add a Beaded wire stems to the back and attach by twisting the wire down the existing stem, this will look like leaves.

5. Position and then pinch the stems together tightly at the top, and twist a additional wire round all of them together to keep secure.

6. Cut the wires about 10cm below the buttons with your wire cutters.

7. Wrap the remaining wire stem in your chosen ribbon to soften the edges and glue in place.

8. Once you are happy with the shape, you can position your buttons to the angles that sit best and use a large bridal pin to secure.

How to Make a Button Bouquet Buttonhole #wedding #diy #buttonhole #crafty #alternative

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