How to Make a Butterfly Mother’s Day Card

How to Make a Butterfly Mother's Day Card #mothersday #papercraft #card #mum

A good card doesn’t have to be complicated – this butterfly design is so easy to make, yet looks so effective. It’s as quick as going to buy one from the shops, and much more personal!

Skill Level: Beginner

Time to Make: 30 minutes

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • PVA
  • Scissors
  • Fine Black Pen
How to Make

1. Print off and cut out the butterfly template. Take a sheet of ‘Folk Song’ creative paper and fold it in half making a fold line. Place the butterfly template along the fold line and draw around it twice, to make two butterflies. Cut out both butterflies using a sharp pair of scissors.

How to Make a Butterfly Mother's Day Card #mothersday #papercraft #card #mum

2. Use a pencil to draw a swirling butterfly trail and Mother’s Day message onto a blank card. When you are happy with it, draw over the pencil with a fine black pen. Rub out the pencil markings.

How to Make a Butterfly Mother's Day Card #mothersday #papercraft #card #mum

3. Arrange and glue one of the paper butterflies to the top of the swirling trail. Add a fine line of glue to the centre of this butterfly and stick the second butterfly on top. When the glue is dry, fold up the wings of the top butterfly to give a 3D effect.

Two Mother's Day Cards for Adults #mothersday #papercraft #card #mum

4. Use the fine black pen to draw the butterfly antenna. Stick on 3mm gems for the ends of each antenna. Add one more gem to the end of the swirling butterfly trail.

How to Make a Butterfly Mother's Day Card #mothersday #papercraft #card #mum

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  • Frankie Little

    I love this post, Your Ideas are really impressive and kids can definitely like these crafting ideas which are simple at the same time attractive. I have also composed a blog here, Which shocase how Kids and Mom’s can share their special bond by creating some amazing crafts this mothers day : I hope your viewers will also like it…..

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