How to Make a Butterfly Box Frame

If you’re looking to make something out of the ordinary that creates a bright and beautiful wall decoration for your home, then this hand-cut butterfly box frame project is just the thing for you! 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1.Choose one sheet of each blue colour and print the butterfly Template 1 onto each of them.

2. Print the Template 2 of the body of the butterfly onto the grey sheet of paper. The image is inverted so it will be fine after you cut them.

3. My design features four butterflies in a box but you can make one or two if you prefer.

4. Cut out the body and the spots of the butterfly from each sheet using the mat and the knife. Be careful with the sharp blade!


5. Once you have all the pieces cut, start assembling the butterfly. The first step is to paste the body of the butterfly into the wings.

6. You can then add the colour pieces. I mixed the colours up, you can add as many little pieces as you want. If you find the work a bit too intricate, it sometimes helps to use tweezers for the little pieces.

7.Choose a background colour (I chose a light grey from the grey pack). Cut and paste the sheet of paper onto the back of the box

8. Bend the wings of the butterfly forward to make it more 3D and give it a shadow.

9. Glue the butterflies onto the back of the box.

10.Close the box!

Voila! You now have a beautiful butterfly artwork to decorate your house.

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