How to Make a Bunny Bonnet

How to Make a Bunny Bonnet #bunny #bonnet #easter #rabbit #kids #craft

Take inspiration from everyone’s favourite Easter character, and create your own Easter Bunny bonnet to bounce around in! Make sure to supervise little ones using a glue gun, or use a cool melt one if they are a little accident prone.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
  • Glue gun »
How to Make
1. Cut four outer ears from white felt and two inner ear sections from pink felt using the templates provided.2. Fold a white pipe cleaner in half and use a glue gun to secure it to one of the white felt outer ears. Repeat this step with one other ear – these will form the back of your rabbit’s ears.3. Centrally secure two pink inner ear sections to the two remaining untouched white felt pieces using a glue gun. Once set, secure each of these to the backs of the ears created in step two, making sure that the pipe cleaner is positioned on the inside. Adhere one ear to each ‘side’ of the bonnet.

4. Cut a small triangle from pink felt and secure to the hat using the image as a guide.

5. Take six pipe cleaners and fold in half, twist the looped ends to secure them all together, carefully push through one of the mesh holes on the right-hand side of the nose, roughly positioning the whiskers so that they sit in line with the top of the pink felt nose. Repeat the same process to create whiskers for the left-hand side of the bonnet. On the inside of the hat, carefully bend the twisted ends of the pipe cleaners and cover with a felt patch.

6. Using Clover’s 85mm pompom maker and your choice of yarn or wool, create a pompom tail to adorn the back of the bonnet. Once complete stick in place using a glue gun.

How to Make a Bunny Bonnet #easter #bunny #bonnet #kids #craft #easy #diy

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