How to Make a Bunny Basket Wreath

How to Make a Bunny Basket Wreath #bunny #basket #wreath #easter #spring #craft #kids

It’s not Easter without the Easter bunny getting up to a bit of mischief while he hides his eggs…

Have a got at this fun bunny basket wreath that will make the kids giggle every time they see it – they can even help make it!

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Glue the leaves on the back of the basket so that they look as if they are emerging from the basket.




2. Cut out the foot shapes as shown in the brown and white and stick together. Also cut out the ‘bottom’ shape in the brown. Stick the bottom onto the leaves. Then stick down some of the moss onto the basket and the feet over the top of this.



3. Make a white pompom and stick onto the ‘top of the bottom’ then tie on the carrots to the basket handle.

How to Make a Bunny Basket Wreath #bunny #basket #wreath #easter #spring #craft #kids


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