How to Make a Brush Lettered Log Decoration

Brush lettering is a hot trend, and one that lends itself well to rustic decorations that you may find at weddings and other celebratory occasions. Take inspiration from the below tutorial by brush lettering expert Milly Withers, who talks us through her process of transferring and painting the lettering onto the log decoration. 

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Using a pencil sketch out the design onto the log. Use a light pressure so the pencil markings are only just visible, this makes it easier to rub out if you want to reposition something, and better to paint over.

2. Paint the lettering using Pebeo White Matte Acryllic paint and small paint brush. Swap between a small round brush and a small flat brush, so get clean sharp lines and paint the small detail too.

3. Add in shadow detailing around the letters using the Pebeo Powder Grey Matt Acrylic paint. The create a realistc shadow, decide where the light is coming from and paint on the opposite. So if light is coming from the top left, paint to the right and bottom of the letters.

4. Mix together Pebeo Dark Green Matt Acrylic paint and Pebeo Pistachio Gloss Acrylic paint, to a green shade for the vines and leaves.


5. Start with the vines on both sides, twist the log slice around so you are in the most comfortable painting position and don’t smudge any wet paint.

6. Paint the leaves in the same green shade.

7. It’s time to add in some detail, use the Pebeo Dark Green Matt Acrylic paint to add lines on the leaves.

8. Leave to dry, you may wish to add an extra coat, but one coat should work well.

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