How to Make a Brush-Lettered Easter Card

Create your Easter cards in double-quick time with the beautiful Spring is Here paper pack, brush pens and mini paper flowers. If you’re not confident in brush lettering do not fear as we’ve got a handy template that can be downloaded, printed and traced onto the front of your card.

You Will Need Craft Essentials
How to Make

1. Start by trimming a 6 x 6” sheet of patterned paper down to 14 x 14cm, ensure to choose a piece that has a lighter section in the middle to enable your brushed lettering to stand out.

2. Hand write or use the provided template to write the ‘Happy Easter’ greeting across the middle.

Top Tip: The easiest way to use the template is to trace the greeting on to tracing paper using a permanent marker then use a pencil to redraw on the reverse side. Lay the pencil side face down on the prepared panel and colour all over the top with a pencil, once the tracing paper is lifted off use the brush pens to copy over the top.

3. Attach the panel of cardstock to the reverse side to strengthen, then fix to the centre of a white 6×6” card blank using 3d foam pads.

4. To complete the design, glue three paper daisies here and there to add interest.

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