How to Make a Bright Pom Pom Stocking

How to Make a Bright Pompom Stocking #bright #pompom #felt #stocking #easy #diy #beginner #christmas #linen #decorate #craft

Wow your loved one this Christmas with a show of colours, and have a go at making them a personalised bright pompom stocking! If you’re not an avid sewer, don’t worry – it only requires fabric glue or a glue gun to stick on the embellishments.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by adding the rows of the pom pom trim to the top of the stocking. Use fabric glue to stick the trim down.

2. Next make a template for the name you would like to add to the stocking, using a pencil and paper. Cut out the template and lay out the design on the stocking to check that the design fits.

3. Once happy transfer the template onto the felt sheets, simply draw around the letters using a fabric marker or pencil. Place onto the stocking and use fabric glue to stick down.

4. Finally, using the tassel maker, create two or three tassels to add to the top of the stocking. These can be stuck using the fabric glue or attached by using a needle and thread.

How to Make a Bright Pompom Stocking #bright #pompom #felt #stocking #easy #diy #beginner #christmas #linen #decorate #craft

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