How to Make a Bright Geometric Advent Tree

How to Make a Bright Geometric Advent Tree #geometric #bright #advent #tree #christmas #craft

Add a splash of colour to Christmas this year and create a trendy geometric advent tree – just fill with your (or a loved one’s) favourite goodies for an upgrade to a bog standard chocolate one!

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You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Take the drawers out of the advent so you can decorate these, and put the main advent tree aside. 

2. Use masking tape to section of areas of the front of the drawer on some drawers, covering different amounts on different drawers and at different angles.

3. Get cracking with the paint! Use a selection of bright colours to paint the front of the drawers, including painting the whole of the front on a few of the drawers if you wish. Leave to dry.

4. Prepare the numbers by painting white – they will be more easily seen this way. Leave to dry.

5. Stick the numbers to the front of the drawers using tacky glue. Leave to dry.

6. Prepare the sides of the advent by using a bright colour to paint along the outside edges – I chose to use a bright orange.

How to Make a Bright Geometric Advent Tree #geometric #bright #advent #tree #christmas #craft

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