How to Sew a Bright Embroidered Stocking

How to Make a Bright Embroidered Stocking #bright #colourful #embroidered #christmas #stocking #diy #embroidery #sewing

Make a loved ones Christmas merry and bright with this cute embroidered stocking! A quick and simple design that makes a great personalised gift.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by planning your design, I chose to have ‘Merry & Bright’ on mine and to add some stitching to the top. I used plain paper to create a template to draw around onto the stocking using the vanishing fabric marker. 




2. Using a small embroidery hoop, insert the bottom half into the stocking and tighten the top. Start with the ‘Merry’ using the bright pink embroidery thread, use a satin stitch to fill in the letters. Add a bright blue running stitch around each letter.  



3. Using a chain stitch and the orange thread, sew around the outline of the ‘&’. 


4. Fill in the ‘Bright’ using the yellow thread and satin stitch. 


5. Finally add some stitches to the top of your stocking, I used running stitch, fern stitch and blanket stitch.


How to Make a Bright Embroidered Stocking #bright #colourful #embroidered #christmas #stocking #diy #embroidery #sewing

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