How to Make a Bow Wreath

Bows aren’t just for gift wrapping, they’re great to use in all sorts of craft projects! This fun bow wreath is so simple to make and a great project for beginners.

With loads of different coloured and sized bows available, you don’t need to stick with red and gold- the choice is up to you!


You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by wrapping the red yarn around the polystyrene wreath base, using pearl head pins to secure the beginning and end of the yarn to prevent it from unraveling.

2. Position the bows around the edge of the wreath, alternating between the two different colours. Once happy with the positioning secure in place using a blob of hot glue from the glue gun on the back.

How to Make a Bow Wreath #christmas #wreathmaking

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