How to Make a Best Friends Box

How to Make a Best Friends Box #best #friends #box #memory #kids #gift

Create a gift for your friend that they will treasure for years, and make them a beautiful best friends box to celebrate your favourite moments together!

Tutorial by Krissi McGilton.

You Will Need Craft Essentials How to Make

1. Start by painting the lid of your box. Use acrylic paint and take advantage of all the sides of the box. Two, three or four colours look great on a box this size. Leave the paint to dry before applying a second coat.

2. Once the lid is dry paint the base of your box, leave to dry before applying a second coat, don’t forget the bottom of the box!

3. Find the centre of the front of your box and stick on your letters ‘Best Friends’.

4. Use Mod Podge glue to varnish your box, this will help to protect the paint and stop the letters from pealing off after use.

5. Embellish your box with paper flowers. Choose colours that complement you paints, stick these on with glue dots. Curve them around the edges of your box to create this look.

6. Finally add your best friends photo.

How to Make a Best Friends Box #best #friends #box #memory #kids #gift

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